Saturday, March 22, 2014

Film Script

time later he just ran
time later he just ran
ran time
time later he
ran    just
just time
ran into time he just
end of the film

he had taken off the
could not find

he only knew    through history
punished himself for his brief pause as a skeleton
      film stopped they
      this should have ended the story
but suddenly the mist lost it
barrel teeth
gods someone had told him was a rich yellow ooze
beams stained blackish green
for almost fifteen continuous centuries
amber horns its husband
      moved    he said to it
yes    another    blanket then

he woke up sometime
      empty in a bathroom
      the inscription away
      then    film eyes
      another shudder running
      the endless loop    one atop the other
      ran    just
      just time
      time later he
      just ran

from Purgatorial (2004)

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