Friday, March 25, 2011

The Mythologization of the Lightbulb

the two lightbulbs use electric knives
to carve their dinner of broken candles

along the bannister
the amateur statue's severed hand
groping for another lightbulb

it is well known that lightbulbs
seldom go out walking at night
scientists argue
as to whether this has aided in their evolution

on the piano a candelabra!
an audience of lightbulbs!

the half dozen lightbulbs visiting the zoo
back away and avert their eyes
from the cage where it is rumored
they keep lightbulbs with simian diseases

on the silver screen:
lightbulbs in love!
like the northern lights:
lightbulbs in love!

a herd of white elephants
stampedes through a library
of fastidious lightbulbs
who are looking for a bright corridor
back to the veldt

isn't there somebody here
who will agree with me
that even the dreams of lightbulbs
once had arms and legs?

at the end of each millenium
all lightbulbs are broken
by people with glass jaws
who are looking for revenge

from The Troubles (1993)