Thursday, April 12, 2012

How to Teach Your Kids to Be Smart About Money

time     jars
most that when a dollar
on the sharpness of upturned wheels
one that as a changed child
in itself the screams
time jars
that make up for the whistle that's now smashed
family for others old by some act of terror
all the lives so strung out back over time
machinery at which hogs moved
expense patio on the desert
tooth pits choosing
but now complete animal carcass adventures
time jars
make game identifying
all the lives will grow from this
not even fire slipped on the blood
safe under the umbrella of a present time
once hooves will grow from this
an open pitted scream
o bury it you'll hear it yet
your hands grab the rail
the train coming at you any moment

originally published in Milvia Street (2010)