Saturday, June 22, 2013

Ant Dreams

open your window to the wind
cats outside and
polar bear morning

send your darkness in boxes to the city
eyes in parade will continue
ant dreams
clocks remain

send your darkness
to the city
this is the city
this is the city
this is the city

from The Troubles (1993)

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Trees In The Pasture (for Judy)

if i were in a high place
where gold shivered like money mattered
and eyes     shone
in incoming headlights
and people driving by looked low
and sneered

if my calendar
were stuck on one day
and were illustrated only
with black paper

if your halo
were seen bright as a hubcap
encircled with rhinestones
and a drop     of black velvet
were behind all paintings of you

if seeing the world
were an organized religion

if chickens
spoke english
but never spoke to us

i would not have met you
even in a high place
would not even have dreamed of you

from The Troubles (1993)