Friday, July 6, 2018


they build themselves in your finger
if your knees work      rips      the lizard is waiting
to a seaside dream
that were halved by half ready:
 you don't remember eyes and
 you don't remember shrieks
 too dry for a fever
 i was supposed to basketball
 as you walked down to mandalay
dead gangsters' hearts right inside your pantsleg
you're not supposed to or loose enough in the tropics
popcorn        passenger ships
when you saw it work enough saxophone to find out

ah the road to mandalay
where the frozen dinners play

in thirty years of roads about to go off
in the vision is being taste
in popcorn
in saxophone
it isn't easy giving feet without one
is it worth   taste?
that you saw in       taste?
to afterwards         taste?
you thought of        taste?
whatever              taste
carries that theology
the door opened
and a guitar rumbled
a giant pizza appeared on his bedroom ceiling
he said

from Cyclone Fence (2007)