Saturday, April 27, 2013

Reported Dreams

the third baseman of car lights
mother's other toe
reported dreams
nightmare problems
this neighborhood

the excitement of used lightning
she asked me
cleaners at four
this night this slice of
these streets are dangerous / backsliding
becoming me
there was no romance in this
still committed into bookstore
now even get it together     where?     how?
just something waiting for us
saw it in her eyes
perception of reality the night if only by a little
rainstorm home

she asked me if i could walk her one block home
this night this slice of foggy streetlights
still committed jurisdiction of the courts
there was no romance in this
and the streetlights weren't overtly scary
just something     waiting for us

the fortune cookie fortune says:
when you have to deal with something
deal with it

i could see it in his eyes
has claws and waits for you     just you
around a corner of your building     and like it
oh     how     killer

abstracted as pass the salt

gotta stop that     line drive
where? in one of the most beautiful cities on earth
rainstorm diets fade the bookstore perception of reality
killers roam streetwise            dip long fingers
into public wells of abstract knowledge black lace and headlights
coming at you like a line drive
the third baseman of car lights
gotta stop it     throw     him     out

in some persons this abstract forgetting
what would you call it?
as being part of themselves
lamplight haloes round entire neighborhood
paranoid rage they raise their toothpicks slowly
you know     urban     dangerous and sexy
like erroll flynn
as the walls bleed / killers make lace deep
in imagination /
in severe persons these nightmare problems
the first eight to ten years

when you deal with it
you just deal with it
if only a little sells then perception of night
dwells around your building like suffocation
we see monsters out there but their shadows
go a lot deeper
these haloes     extortion of used roadblocks
they raise them     how would you say?
extreme anxiety     fun at the malt shop
in some persons eight to ten years
and now     you seek     them out

after that     a lot cleaner /
lightbulbs     come on
in their pants
they walk
zomboid and sexy

the perfect escorts

from The Troubles (1993)

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