Saturday, April 9, 2011

For Joe Speer Two Days After His Death

if i believed in such things
i'd have known the vision meant you were fine
visiting me no interrupting reveries
as a large yellow dog on a red sandy cliff
staring at me in what might have been anger
two nights after you'd died in albuquerque
i felt the anger     then my own shock
and confusion after feeling both
if i'd opened my eyes i'm sure i'd have seen you
right across the room
then i felt the love and the hurt
as you stood more solid than dream
then faded to the color
of the insides of my eyelids

     the hillside on which you stood
was neither california nor new mexico
the land was wild land is wild
belief is wild and it's scary to be so tame
that you don't believe anymore
did you visit me after you'd died?
were you making the rounds
of all your old friends?
i think that you'll be a happy dog
or maybe untame a happy coyote

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